Confidence Driving Lessons
Making Drivers Safe

At Affordable Prices

There are quite a number of learner drivers…and experienced drivers! Who feel nervous and edgy when it comes to drive, and no wonder really, we have been on this earth for thousands of years and the car has only been around for 100 years, and if you really think about it cars have only been available to all families only in the last 40 years! So if you do feel anxious, don’t worry its really common and I can help you.
What I want you to do is give me a call and tell me about how you feel, and if there are reasons you feel that way tell me about them as well. The clearer the picture I get the quicker I can help you.

Your first concern is going to be safety, so let me tell you the car has dual controls so I can take over at any time. I will always keep you safe and you will be driving a top of the range car with all the latest safety features.

When you start to learn we’ll do so at your pace, what I mean by this is, I won’t push you into things if you do not feel ready. For sure I will motivate you, I will get you really good on the things you are happy to try and slowly and carefully we’ll push back your fears and bring you to being in control and feeling comfortable.

Give me a call right now.